1 June 2017

the meadow in colour...beginning

in searching for new pictures
we find this old bird sitting up high
an feel she will be most welcome
over in Lillys stuff @wordpress.com link
an so we show her here so she is easily copied
an pasted over there.

an a small white pigeon for memories' sake. 
we sat out in the back in wonderful hot sun 
an sewed the leaves [an the fruit] onto
our apple tree.  

here is a stone in my hand from the beach.
as we are to leave all stones there an not take
them home in our pockets i just held this...
a selfie stone...for a few minutes whilst photo
ing it.   it may be a day of recollections,
isnt this the word? i think so. its from a while

an here is my eye...its brown really
but it photo'd green. an blue. an yellow.
an white.i am looking for the apple tree
an find these long lost photos an memories.
also i find how to make the meadow in fourteen
different pictures. but here it is.
our finished apple tree...with lots of fruit.

flowers for the window ledge...

my feet an an early version.

an an old honey comb from when i didnt want to
make these into flowers for any grand
mother.  there you are, a trip in amongst 
our older photos. 

Lilly xx

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