19 December 2016

last night there was a carol service an it was so beautiful. i couldn't see who was reading an so,
many times it sounded like God.
pure clear voices from heaven.

c'mon. knowing i am in the way, though not deliberately, i am very sad for you. just to say
Jesus was braver than any of us.

i found a long pair of over the knee socks. this has nothing to do with anything. just i'm warm.


18 December 2016

little log cabin quilt

i dream of mansions but i am here with a log cabin.
there is a pile of strips left over from the meadow an
i saw a quilt on line an think i will copy it.
it may be 60" x 60". it depends how many blocks i can make from them.
(sadly) the white for my dear janes will go toward sunlight. but i expect
i will finish those too.

Lilly xx