22 September 2015

beyond the blanket - how to design? with tunisian crochet

have you discovered tunisian crochet? you can make anything, from a bag to slippers.
i love the view of the sand and the sea and the sky. i love sea gulls and the sun shining. and sail boats on the horizon, and near to, too.
and i think it will be something to make one of these pictures. so i have yellow wool for sand.
with a block of blue. that's the sea. another blue for sky. a big yellow sun overhead. you know the kind of thing i mean.
it's fun creating.
and when you love green hills, and sky and cloud, and sheep in the fields
or the city and the tall buildings, tunisian crochet comes in well.  have a go?

can you make a mandala?  or any crochet circle will do.


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