29 July 2015

when the floor is there why not use it?

(my glasses broke) but i sewed this today. it's the beginning of the quilt top and one of the presents i will be making for christmas.

then this is the backing, made from nine fat quarters. it is very much too big at the moment and i will trim it so there will be a two inch border.

it isn't easy to see, the colours are blue/white, pink/white and purple/white, all flowered.
thank you for visiting me today. xx

24 July 2015

july in Christmas too?

it isn't enough that it's july, it has to be the time to begin presents for the holiday at the end of the year, for me anyway.
So i am beginning with a single bed sized quilt 42 x 66 inches with the squares standing at six and a half inches, and are red, white, pink, blue and green with some yellow. eight along the top x thirteen down.
that wont be too difficult to make, i am thinking 
and hoping.....

ten rows and counting. and it's 20.49 pm. it was raining earlier - i wont need to water the plants for a couple of days. i put a blue bag over one cucumber - i moved it from near the back door as it was swamped, but it attracted more rain and so i covered it. and there is a God in heaven who answers prayer.


post script. before the next post i changed the number of the blocks to seven.

23 July 2015

dear jane

i have printed these patterns from dear jane.
H8. eaton's crossroads. G2. mohawk trail. and F11. on target. the collection of 'nearly' jane fabrics is 'holy' i'm not going to use them for anything else. and so they wait patiently for me...

coming to quilt again. with love, xx