2 November 2014


hello it's sunday and here is my first hexi-join. yes it made a flower - no it wont matter. and i am going all around the edges with all the hexi flower fabrics i have left over. bees love flowers don't they? to make honey. it occurrs to me late in the day that this looks like a honeycomb.

and then there are two...

then three...

four will be the green one off to the left -
then a row of yellow along the bottom and a second row.
this is fun. i recommend stepping out on a limb, and nothing's going to fall. hexis are the strongest things i know.

with love,

Linking with Hexie Weekend

and Fabric Frenzy Friday


  1. I see the flower in the first photo, but it's gone in the rest - how interesting. Love what you're making and what are those gorgeous flowers you posted? Thanks for linking to Hexi Weekend - such yummy eye candy.

    1. Thank you, it is funny, I know. I think I had it upside down or something. The flowers were in a hedge high up in a museum garden, very lovely to see.