11 November 2014

it's november already

up early today, i am going to make a throw/cover for a sofa. very quick. and hardly any work, just
make a hem. i will post a photo later.
rain again. a pale grey sky. hardly any wind. and a lone seagull.
yesterday i cleared everything from the floor below the bookshelves. [i haven't seen the floor there for some time.] there is a pile of cd's to put away.
then i am going out to buy a couple of presents.
and then decorate the room.
**e-row is nearly finished. dear jane. it's a link.
i have been posting some things lately, some of them uploaded into the dear jane block chart. i am not sure how this happened. i can replace the scanned blocks but cannot delete the photos because then i would delete some of the chart itself, i think,
i have them in excel as a backup so if anything is ever deleted [by mistake] i can easily find it.
once before i lost everything when my pc crashed only to keep a form of things in black and white and some 'blank?' pages in word. so never again.
and i can upload in excel so quickly to find the fabrics i use, quicker even than finding the block chart.

p.s. our little cat has snuggled up beside me here, his chin resting on the edge of the keyboard, come to say hello in this very early morning adventure before he goes out mousing.

wishing you well in your sewing today,


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2 November 2014


hello it's sunday and here is my first hexi-join. yes it made a flower - no it wont matter. and i am going all around the edges with all the hexi flower fabrics i have left over. bees love flowers don't they? to make honey. it occurrs to me late in the day that this looks like a honeycomb.

and then there are two...

then three...

four will be the green one off to the left -
then a row of yellow along the bottom and a second row.
this is fun. i recommend stepping out on a limb, and nothing's going to fall. hexis are the strongest things i know.

with love,

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