29 October 2014

in clover

overall it has been a good week, so mild except for today when its raining. and then some odd phone calls, who can always understand what that person's saying? and a shorter call today, as i put the phone down.
my title could be...in clover...
i said it's raining, well i went down to the beach to blow away some things, there's something about the beach and the sea. just when you want to be alone, it's helpful. now here are my photos.

the red check one was finished last night. was i an early bird or a late night owl? good guess.

blue and green.  once the white border is on i hope to fix them with yellow.

and here is a small pile of blue, orange and yellow blocks for rainbow jane. did i say this is a little in the way of dear jane? all the hexies. but there you go!
just another two posts to make. for here and an attic somewhere. it might help if i were to put the light on!

thinking of you, (leave the washing up for someone else!!) 
if its anything like lacemaking, lace comes first, housework second.
with love,

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