26 October 2014

hello. for a saturday it's quiet. today is the last day of british summer time, and in tomorrow's early hours the clocks go back. the hour is still there, but it has a different time and it fits in the day all the same!
this afternoon i've been lazy, sitting comfortably and prepping the green check hexies...amazon uk has wonderful offers and this green fabric was one of them...
it's late now, just past six and it looks like rain, but it may just be the evening sky.

it was even later when i went to bed but i sewed these. i found a small piece of blue check which made twenty one hexies. so i added some polka dots. as i was sewing the green together i made a hole somehow. and some of these do jump around a bit. i think they will be alright when they're made up.

this afternoon will be for lots of white hexies...

with love,

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