21 October 2014

creatively dotty

after a week sewing, sewing these together, here is a pink block. and it seems impossible to edge with white without making a flower. it doesn't matter though as i am happy with the result.
it is nine hexies long seven hexies wide. (58). i was hoping to connect the pieces with yellow but have encased them with the white. oh well.
i could sew in a line of yellow. i wont know until the second block is made.
and speaking of the next one, here is my box of tricks

Clover made the template. there are two of each in the pack ~ diamonds, triangles and hexagons.
so you could make a lot of different patterns with them. they are a useful addition to and for my stuff.

it isn't pressed yet. this is the blue block machined into place rather than hand sewn, and then i
quickly machined round the pink block:

how did i make the blue so quickly? i simply fed the hexies in as i went although the bottom row was machined together first. the rest jumped into line. it was so easy, i hadn't thought of it before.

how is everyone else doing?  sending creative thoughts your way!
and linking this week with Sew Fresh Quilts

with love,


  1. I like your use of dots for hexies. My two fav things, lol.

  2. I like the dotted fabric. I don't think I've ever seen a rectangularly laid out hexagon quilt before; it's an interesting idea. I'm looking forward to seeing how you take the idea further.

  3. This is an interesting layout and your hexies look sweet.