29 October 2014

in clover

overall it has been a good week, so mild except for today when its raining. and then some odd phone calls, who can always understand what that person's saying? and a shorter call today, as i put the phone down.
my title could be...in clover...
i said it's raining, well i went down to the beach to blow away some things, there's something about the beach and the sea. just when you want to be alone, it's helpful. now here are my photos.

the red check one was finished last night. was i an early bird or a late night owl? good guess.

blue and green.  once the white border is on i hope to fix them with yellow.

and here is a small pile of blue, orange and yellow blocks for rainbow jane. did i say this is a little in the way of dear jane? all the hexies. but there you go!
just another two posts to make. for here and an attic somewhere. it might help if i were to put the light on!

thinking of you, (leave the washing up for someone else!!) 
if its anything like lacemaking, lace comes first, housework second.
with love,

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26 October 2014

hello. for a saturday it's quiet. today is the last day of british summer time, and in tomorrow's early hours the clocks go back. the hour is still there, but it has a different time and it fits in the day all the same!
this afternoon i've been lazy, sitting comfortably and prepping the green check hexies...amazon uk has wonderful offers and this green fabric was one of them...
it's late now, just past six and it looks like rain, but it may just be the evening sky.

it was even later when i went to bed but i sewed these. i found a small piece of blue check which made twenty one hexies. so i added some polka dots. as i was sewing the green together i made a hole somehow. and some of these do jump around a bit. i think they will be alright when they're made up.

this afternoon will be for lots of white hexies...

with love,

21 October 2014

creatively dotty

after a week sewing, sewing these together, here is a pink block. and it seems impossible to edge with white without making a flower. it doesn't matter though as i am happy with the result.
it is nine hexies long seven hexies wide. (58). i was hoping to connect the pieces with yellow but have encased them with the white. oh well.
i could sew in a line of yellow. i wont know until the second block is made.
and speaking of the next one, here is my box of tricks

Clover made the template. there are two of each in the pack ~ diamonds, triangles and hexagons.
so you could make a lot of different patterns with them. they are a useful addition to and for my stuff.

it isn't pressed yet. this is the blue block machined into place rather than hand sewn, and then i
quickly machined round the pink block:

how did i make the blue so quickly? i simply fed the hexies in as i went although the bottom row was machined together first. the rest jumped into line. it was so easy, i hadn't thought of it before.

how is everyone else doing?  sending creative thoughts your way!
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with love,

14 October 2014

ready to hexie again

a day or so ago i presented a box of flower hexies and thought my stash was enough.
today still armed with a Clover template and even more hexies with a different colour scheme i am happy to begin.
no flowers please...
i have made and loved flowers for some years now. crocheted. embroidered. i love that you can plant the seeds but that is all. it is the word of our God that endures for ever.
no i want splodges and a dash of colour to join it all together.
i found an answer in the way i printed the Clover hexie templates on to copy paper. i am sure it isn't new and no mention of size, pieces or backing.
just two colours in one block.
here is my pink block, i think i will need four rows.

the other colours are blue polka dot, red check, and green check. as an afterthought i went over to amazon uk to find some darker green check, because i think this green is too light against the other colours. also this is flat but it looks rounded. and then it really does get in the way, i took that top one out and sewed it on a different seam, and still no good.

thank you for coming over to visit. i am linking today's post with Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts.

with love,