15 August 2014

thinking of christmas

on Pinterest i began to follow red work and made up a board for it. yesterday i bought some embroidery cottons and copied from a free pattern.

the pattern was for red, yellow and green. it works for red, i think.
how about this one?

this is from a book, The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches, published by Lyric.
for filet crochet, you can see a little of the completed pattern on the left of the photo. i wonder if it can be used for cross stitch.
there are several filet crochet patterns. southern cross, alternating tiles, orchids...
my printer is not good. and so i look for patterns close by.
there is blue work and black work too. i bought some rainbow colours and so i could make a yellow rose.
this red work is peaceful on my eyes, easy to make, may i encourage you?
take a walk on the wild side. forgo those coloured threads for historically sound motives and sew with the ladies of history.


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