8 August 2014


i have run out of strippy pieces. perhaps small hexagons next.
also i am awaiting a package of 90gsm copy paper, so tracing blocks for the last week has been my aim. also i have found my very first scrap bag again,

if the scraps don't meet a hexie size, what of those small corners in foundation piecing? do you see my quandary? 'thousands' is an exaggeration, but there is also a sea of scrap corners in a box for that 'just in case' moment somewhere down the line where they would fit perfectly.
didn't i hear 'don't throw any scraps away' yes i did, and i have been faithful! i really have!
i have even filed some scraps under y for yellow, p for pink, r for red, b for black and brown,

it was lack of space that brought this about. and then i had an idea.
how about a christmas hexie
flowery one? or a christmas log cabin? or a simple
fat quarter one?

mooring here for a while. i wonder what others will be making for christmas?


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