18 August 2014


 from two of the fat quarters
i have made mug rugs.
perhaps not perfectly square
...with a little more practice...

 here are the first two rows of the quilt as you go rainbow quilt, yesterday i made the two long strips to go across the quilt, front and back and machined it all into place. the rainbow blocks will make a diamond and the next row will have two red, two yellow and orange.

and a not perfectly straight rose border either,
but i like the effect of the rose
and i am pleased that such patterns
for filet crochet may be useful
for ordinary cross stitch.
red was kinder on my eyes.

later i found a dover publication
with a few pages of flower designs
which can be ironed on
to material more than once
(it went right through to the cloth
so they're good.

these two.
well i am just wondering about
an edging
for this last one.

with love,

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