28 June 2014

just to show you how the scrappy quilt is. three rows deep, and counting. i'm happy with the result.

have a blessed day,

25 June 2014

just to say hello, how're you doing? 

have a blessing of a day!

13 June 2014

blue quilt

so i have sewn the motifs on to the corners on one side, have made more for the other side, have sewn the back to the front, and am looking at a nearly finished cover.


6 June 2014

Winner found.

The winner of this hanging heart kit is Tabitha Keener. Congratulations Tabitha!

5 June 2014


homemade motifs.
i had a strip of material left over and cut these from it. then with some coloured backing and the zig-zag stitch on the machine i sewed round them a few times.
i'm happy with these. and i think they will look okay once they're in place.


waiting for motifs to finish with.

i tidied these into a container...

there are masses more -

the back of the blue quilt, and my pink slipper.

zoo animal print 

dragonflies on the corners

and this will be the binding.
nearly there.