21 February 2014

missouri daisy day

the first petals of a missouri daisy, foundation pieced
my kodak printer has a piece of paper lodged in the print head so i cannot use it to enlarge patterns. do i miss it!


14 February 2014

trees again...

blossom trees,

thank you for all the encouragement i have received! it is so kind of you!

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11 February 2014

what's next?

and now happily this one is finished! hurray!!



10 February 2014

backing done!

this evening i have finished the backing for the jellyroll quilt. and as i have already sewn the top to the wadding, because i do not have enough floor space to quilt the whole thing together, it wont take long to complete. just going to wash this to remove the blue markings. 

and while it is drying i can think about trees and fruit and blossom.
what will you finish this week?
yours truly,


6 February 2014

powder blue sky, pretty trees

tree pattern is from a book by Carol Doak, 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks, filled with simple designs.
this book is a blessing. i made the patterns double the size, and hope soon to make them smaller.
two more trees tomorrow, i think they will make a great picture.

these framed in blue first...and

surprisingly, these finished blocks are the same size as my log cabin blocks (8.25 ins). 
it is beginning to rain. 


3 February 2014

happy cats

i bought some butterfly and dragonfly material for the backing and binding of my cat-kittens, finishing the mini quilt. this evening i am piecing the backing for the jellyroll quilt*...i suppose everyone has tried to make a simple picture in foundation piecing...like the sun in the sky, green grass or the sea itself...and then i made some lace, here, almond blossom,
so i am off to sew.

four rows pieced*

and practicing butterflies in foundation piecing for friday.

a good evening to you,


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