6 January 2014

sunny whirlygigs quarter block.

monday dawns with heavy rain. now, a lighter wind and halo of sun over the trees in creamy grey cloud. 
beginning the sunny whirlygigs quarter-block pattern, from Linda Causee's book and i hope to complete four of these for friday.
i think there is some powder blue material, i love this
colour. and it is everywhere! 
you know, i have retired and now i am busier. lol.
here it is then, the finished block. one i enjoyed making so much.

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              may your week be a good week 


  1. Yes, can't get enough of it, lol.

  2. This is going to be so pretty. Love your color selection for the block. I am just now learning how to do foundation paper piecing. It is such fun.

  3. Thank you genie. I agree with you, this is fun and it gets easier, just been going a few weeks too.