26 January 2014

every one a different colour

...here we are one quilt top complete with binding inside out at the moment, and my first time for making one, i much prefer folding the backing fabric over  but i have made sixty plain floral blocks, each six and a half inches square and in adding the binding have equalled the measurements both back and front.
...this backing fabric is um, polyester cotton. it is lighter weight than the front, and (shh, i don't care, i think it's so pretty) though i am learning to make my quilts in an orderly fashion. i do do it right, just not now. lol. 
i am going to splurge flowers on this, too.
and i have some four ounce weight? batting/wadding for the filler. 

 from my flower patch to yours
this weekend,


  1. I've used poly cotton on the back of a quilt too. You are not alone!

  2. Thank you Ruth, it's good to know, too.And it's so nice to meet you here!

  3. I've used poly cotton on backing too. Vintage sheets! Yummy. They are so soft and broken in. I love your fabrics. I like flowers and hearts. :) Happy quilting.

  4. Thank you, Michal, I had stuck to the material weight rules,but need to make this one quickly and poly cotton seems the thing. Vintage sheets sound great!