31 January 2014

when you cant get to your dashboard...post a title"

and then when it all comes together again...what a relief. whew!
happy monday everyone!


29 January 2014

an update

being new to this, and without colour co-ordination or whatever it is that knows to balance colours, there are two dark cats and two pale ones. and one has almost disappeared. it's a ghost, whooooo, no it's my cat-kitten or kitty-cat, her smile is the same as the others. and her tail is longg. these cat patterns are from the book by Margaret Rolfe, A Quilter's Ark.
tomorrow is going to be the coldest day yet - brr - here in the south of england where snow wont settle for longer than a day or so, (i do miss it, i love the snow) i did once post that we live where the hills meet the sea but that would have been on the beach. anyway we miss out on the best weather.
the print has changed again, this time for the better. i hope, i haven't seen it yet.
can i invite you to click on my google friend connect at the top of this page, please?
and let's get to know each other.

here is the quilt top laid over three pieces of batting sewn together. i have gone over the top a little and ordered some rainbow silk roses, which i will splurge on the corners; (as i look at this and wonder where will i put the hexie flowers. maybe on the backing. there are some orange 'roses' in hexie design but before i get there i will need to sew the polycotton squares. this is the first jellyroll quilt and surprisingly i don't feel the same as for a nine patch i made, (i never wanted to make another and feel differently now, and happily could tackle one).
i am thinking of sewing the top to the batting, then adding the backing as this is too difficult for me to manoevre in my room.
and now it is 23.44, so i will love you and leave you.
 keep warm, keep safe.


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28 January 2014


 i have been making these this week, the first of four blocks for a present, i hope. here, at almond blossom, my other work place.
i would like to make a little quilt decoration.   the patterns come from the book, A Quilter's Ark. 
with love and best wishes,
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26 January 2014

every one a different colour

...here we are one quilt top complete with binding inside out at the moment, and my first time for making one, i much prefer folding the backing fabric over  but i have made sixty plain floral blocks, each six and a half inches square and in adding the binding have equalled the measurements both back and front.
...this backing fabric is um, polyester cotton. it is lighter weight than the front, and (shh, i don't care, i think it's so pretty) though i am learning to make my quilts in an orderly fashion. i do do it right, just not now. lol. 
i am going to splurge flowers on this, too.
and i have some four ounce weight? batting/wadding for the filler. 

 from my flower patch to yours
this weekend,

24 January 2014

London's Pinwheels

Still in Linda Causee's book, this is called London's Pinwheels, one block from a quilt of twelve. i am practicing the blocks rather than making whole quilts while i am awaiting a book, which will teach me how to make animal blocks.

and still sewing these blocks together. i took out a yellow and spent most of yesterday making hexie flowers, both small and great, and going to buy more thread.
have a good weekend!

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19 January 2014

butterflies to fly with

 this week i just would love to finish this quilt top. i have folded it in half as it is too long to take a photo of. each square is 9.5". made from a jellyroll and some heart material, from amazon. (please forgive
my attic lighting, it is not too bright).

here are the butterfly buttons, also from amazon, and i hope the flowers will be alright on the quilt top, as i would love to sew these buttons on to them, and around the other squares. too.

and lastly, the finished cushion, foundation paper pieced from last week which i gave as a thank you.

                   from my week to yours,

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15 January 2014

starry pinwheels

i am loving my stay in this book, Teach Yourself Foundation Piecing by Linda Causee. this week i have learned how to make starry pinwheel blocks. 

  i made this last photo x-large, unfortunately it isn't very clear, but in real life it is pretty fabric, with a soft pink effect. and i am getting good at making cushions! 
it will be my birthday on thursday. i think i may get it finished by then.
is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday to You!
      may each day of your life be a good day,

the rose came from some downloaded HomeLoving Girl files.

6 January 2014

sunny whirlygigs quarter block.

monday dawns with heavy rain. now, a lighter wind and halo of sun over the trees in creamy grey cloud. 
beginning the sunny whirlygigs quarter-block pattern, from Linda Causee's book and i hope to complete four of these for friday.
i think there is some powder blue material, i love this
colour. and it is everywhere! 
you know, i have retired and now i am busier. lol.
here it is then, the finished block. one i enjoyed making so much.

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              may your week be a good week 

3 January 2014

garden stars

             Happy New Year Everyone!!

here is my version of the garden stars quilt...
the top and second rows.
i think i've written this before: or not. it looked dangerously likely to fall.
saturday's post: 
and it did this morning when the copy paper foundation rebelled. or was it me?
re begin. if you are faithfully waiting for style here, thank you. and if you won't mind, i'll go back to simple blocks for this so i wont try to run before i can walk!
have some fun today,