1 December 2013

i made a needle case.

today i decided to make 
a needle case. 
i cannot stand it any more! 
my needles are
pinned to my clothes as i work,
dropped into plastic containers 
to 'keep' them,
and last night i could not count
the number of times i said,
where's my needle? 

 this is what i used:
 pieces of coloured felt, 8 x 4 inches
and 3 x 7 inches (leaves of the needle book)
pretty material, 9 x 5 inches
and 3 x 8 inches.
ric rac, ribbon or braid.
fabric glue.

lay the pretty material face down
 and place the largest piece of felt on it, allowing a half inch border, which can then be folded and glued to the felt.

 the smaller piece of material is glued in place, 
to cover the raw edges.
  only apply glue to the edges each time.
 find the centre of this oblong, place the two felt leaves together, pin into 
     place, and sew through all layers. 

make a design for the front cover.
sew or glue a piece of ric rac, ribbon or braid
around the outside stitching and
through the centre to complete the needle case.

leave to dry - it only will take a few minutes.
and when we meet
there'll not be one needle gleaming in my cardigan or yours!


     Linked to Laura B. at 
Cat's Crossing Show and Tell  



  1. This is a great tutorial. I was just thinking that I need a better place to store my needles.
    Thanks again for joining Show & Tell this week.

  2. Thanks Laura, it is so easy to make and so useful, and it can be made larger, too; and if batting was used instead of felt, could it make something else?