20 December 2013

garden stars cushion - foundation paper pieced.

this is my practice for a garden stars quilt, which i am turning into a cushion, using a red bandana for the backing, just a simple sew-together.
i am going to buy some wadding today and give it
as soon as it is finished. 

[i was just going to fill the cushion cover with wadding, but decided to fit wadding first against the top, not quilting it but sewing firmly around the edge where the bandana made the binding, lastly fixing the cushion pillow between them. it looks beautiful and is so soft and bouncy, just how i wanted it. and someone is loving it, too.]
i have sewn these ten blocks for the log cabin quilt, sunlight and shadow theme,
i know, i am adding to this post as i go along, lol.
and then two more cushions from these blocks. i had hoped to make more but lost interest early on.
backed with purple bandanas, then i can turn them
around as i want.

it is lace i think fondly of, here, i will make some time(s) before Christmas, put on a cd, i like to listen while making bobbin lace. how about this afternoon?

 how about you, what will you do?

with love,


  1. All three of your cushions are looking lovely!

  2. So nice to hear! I didn't want more ufo's than I could cope with!