31 December 2013


                 Happy New Year Everyone!!

                WITH VERY BEST WISHES
                           FOR 2014
  HomeLoving Girl


20 December 2013

garden stars cushion - foundation paper pieced.

this is my practice for a garden stars quilt, which i am turning into a cushion, using a red bandana for the backing, just a simple sew-together.
i am going to buy some wadding today and give it
as soon as it is finished. 

[i was just going to fill the cushion cover with wadding, but decided to fit wadding first against the top, not quilting it but sewing firmly around the edge where the bandana made the binding, lastly fixing the cushion pillow between them. it looks beautiful and is so soft and bouncy, just how i wanted it. and someone is loving it, too.]
i have sewn these ten blocks for the log cabin quilt, sunlight and shadow theme,
i know, i am adding to this post as i go along, lol.
and then two more cushions from these blocks. i had hoped to make more but lost interest early on.
backed with purple bandanas, then i can turn them
around as i want.

it is lace i think fondly of, here, i will make some time(s) before Christmas, put on a cd, i like to listen while making bobbin lace. how about this afternoon?

 how about you, what will you do?

with love,

17 December 2013

garden stars beginning

i have arranged these blocks like the pattern in the book, although i am still undecided about the order of the colours and i can see where the roses aren't straight.
will the deep rose pink go best with the paler pink,
or the yellow? before next week i hope to have a few
of the rose to see. i would love to know what you think!                               


                         'til next time!

13 December 2013

a quilt for the new year.

i bought some material yesterday so i can make a present of this Garden Stars quilt. and found some pretty pink rose material, and equally pretty pink for the star points:  i will stick to pastels wondering about yellows, greens, peaches, lilacs and powder blues. 

here are the first nine blocks for the centre. there are sixty three altogether, and the rose material is throughout. 
i couldn't find all the colours i wanted in the shop, though and came away with a yellow and a deeper rose pink.

with best wishes for a good weekend!

11 December 2013

foundation piecing

here are my practice blocks for the Garden Stars quilt made from the book by Linda Causee - Teach Yourself Foundation Piecing. 
i am thinking of making a copy of this quilt in pastels and look forward to the project. and now i am going to read my kindle in the comfort of the living room.


something beautiful, something good

something beautiful, something good, so easy i hasn't imagined it - i recommend the book, and think my block will go to the scrappy quilt.

9 December 2013

wading now.

this is a whisper, the book came today.
Teach Yourself FOUNDATION PIECING, by Linda Causee. 
why are we whispering??
i am overwhelmed with beautiful 
quilt patterns, and this is one
such book.
it is very beautiful...
i am also partially scared because 
i don't think i can do this!
anyone having this thought will know
what i mean. 
new information, 
lots of it, 
and very good teachers on board,
all very awe-inspiring!
i am no spring chicken 
and where is my knitting nancy?
may your day especially be
a day filled with wonder
and surprise!

and joy!

8 December 2013

evening ware

back to the future!

and dreaming of my quilt...
a post just about dreaming?

calling for new colours

i finished sewing the blocks
together, any fraying will be hidden
by ribbon or braid; looking 
now for some new colours
and will wait until later.
the measurement is just 29 ins
square. i was hoping it 
would be 36 ins and so
i may look for an edging.
any ideas?
and it's still the weekend!


6 December 2013

is there time off? anywhere?

i finished the twirling windmill quilt last evening, here, using half the batting. 
size for a single. 
and think i will make the scrappy one the same. perhaps to finish it faster, a few plain blocks ...

 this afternoon i have been hand sewing this.

i haven't decided where the block 
on the left will go,
the sheep one will go in the middle,
and there will be three more of these plain blocks
to finish. and one more mixed.
did i enjoy this? certainly did!
made with a 6½ inch square rule, each block of four
will be 12 inches when complete.

i prepared some of these blocks in advance.

my very favourite box of goodies 

be blessed, be happy,
this weekend! xx

3 December 2013

putting my feet up now, but...

  paper piecing book to come, while waiting
 i am putting some blocks together,
with scraps of material.
and learning to use the rotary cutter.

 it'll be some time before  
the edges match.
  footstool for pillow stand.
it's easier
to make the lace here
and i turn it any way i choose.

i hope you have a good evening.


1 December 2013

i made a needle case.

today i decided to make 
a needle case. 
i cannot stand it any more! 
my needles are
pinned to my clothes as i work,
dropped into plastic containers 
to 'keep' them,
and last night i could not count
the number of times i said,
where's my needle? 

 this is what i used:
 pieces of coloured felt, 8 x 4 inches
and 3 x 7 inches (leaves of the needle book)
pretty material, 9 x 5 inches
and 3 x 8 inches.
ric rac, ribbon or braid.
fabric glue.

lay the pretty material face down
 and place the largest piece of felt on it, allowing a half inch border, which can then be folded and glued to the felt.

 the smaller piece of material is glued in place, 
to cover the raw edges.
  only apply glue to the edges each time.
 find the centre of this oblong, place the two felt leaves together, pin into 
     place, and sew through all layers. 

make a design for the front cover.
sew or glue a piece of ric rac, ribbon or braid
around the outside stitching and
through the centre to complete the needle case.

leave to dry - it only will take a few minutes.
and when we meet
there'll not be one needle gleaming in my cardigan or yours!


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