19 November 2013

learner here.

Thank you at Quiet Play for letting me join in and learn 
English paper piecing. 
 just not sure how to make this into a quilt. 

English paper piecing beginning 
with four rows of four flowers,
each 9" across,
36 x 36".
thank you, for answers.

the hexagon flower is from the block 
grandmother's flower garden, and
the template i use is a clay fired
coaster, because i wanted to begin
immediately - like now! - and
this was the only thing i could find.
now i have plastic templates
of a different size, 
and so yes, i continue with the coaster.
and it works well for me.




  1. It's just lovely! Wish I had some answers to help on how to make it into a quilt but I haven't tried english paper piecing - I do more foundation piecing. It looks like you're off to a great start though!

  2. Here was me thinking that maybe you began with flowers and progressed. I was reading last night and found some answers, but not a bookful, so I'll have a look round today and see what I can find - thank you.

  3. Thanks again for joining my linky party. Your hexies look good. You can look on my gallery page for a couple of hexie blocks I did for the Craftsy 2012 BOM. These are the only hexie blocks I've ever done, however, and there not really traditional hexie blocks. They have more of a modern flavour.

  4. That's kind of you, Laura, I found some information but am wondering if the flowers themselves make the quilt top, or if I should sew it all onto material first...and then the wadding etc.