28 November 2013

first row...

it is beginning to take shape. with different material
 would it have made a table runner?
i know i am enjoying
every moment of its making,
a sampler to understand this form of work.

knowing one can use a paper serviette's design and make a bobbin lace edging, i am looking at a piece of paper towel which could 'turn into a quilt'? 

 can a blurred picture in picture editor result in a quilt? 
and has anyone made a one like this?
zooming in with the mouse makes coloured blocks.
i would love to hear from you.

have a good weekend!


25 November 2013


 thinking of these flowers,
and expecting them to fit together,
i was surprised when they didn't...
and so have used some pieces to fill in the spaces
where i may put a different colour,
when i have looked through my stash.
for a reference,
here is the photo of them taken this evening.

and today.


19 November 2013

learner here.

Thank you at Quiet Play for letting me join in and learn 
English paper piecing. 
 just not sure how to make this into a quilt. 

English paper piecing beginning 
with four rows of four flowers,
each 9" across,
36 x 36".
thank you, for answers.

the hexagon flower is from the block 
grandmother's flower garden, and
the template i use is a clay fired
coaster, because i wanted to begin
immediately - like now! - and
this was the only thing i could find.
now i have plastic templates
of a different size, 
and so yes, i continue with the coaster.
and it works well for me.



13 November 2013

an update...

this is an update
 for the log cabin quilt
don't it look good?
twelve by twelve
and the backing is blossom
plain and simple

and this is an update
for the advent calendar
if i had this much gold
i would send it to help the philippines
and a smaller amount would do


choose your star

making a new star

and the finished block

1. choose your star block,
2. a square of material, for the backing,
3. one or two pieces for colour choice,
4. matching thread, pins, scissors, ribbon or binding,
5. iron for pressing,

6. make your star, then press it.
7. sew it onto the bandana,
8. pin then sew ribbon or binding to cover
the raw edge,
9. then cut away the material behind the star,
 to make another. 
10. wadding/batting and some backing material
for the completed effect.

the first one i made.

i hope you enjoy this as much as i do.


11 November 2013

almost done.

this is my second try at paper 
piecing and i made something very similar
a few weeks ago when i began
to learn to quilt.

English paper piecing
and have decided to make
another mug rug.
pinned and ready to sew.
i like 'handmade with love' labels.


10 November 2013

one father's choice block finished.

i decided upon a blue and gold ribbon instead of purple
binding, and i have cut away the material
behind the star, to use to make another.

i bought a copy of the new book
500 quilt blocks by 
Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green,
and this is where the block came from.

the idea to use a bandana for the backing
is my own.


8 November 2013

father's choice

beautiful beautiful
will i ever get over this? no not ever.
and i think i will simply sew it on to a bandana 
and then make another star 
(and sew it on to another one...and make another star)
do you see where i'm going?
in love with colour.

then make a thin binding with some purple 
along the edges of the star.


3 November 2013


it is beginning to look like the star

** it is light material, and its strength will be in finding the right backing**

or here,