31 October 2013

star shine

so like little drops of water
make the mighty ocean, so little pieces
of material go to make...your make

the pieced star 
 makes an 6 inch square block
and i will need 4? or
sew it on to material and make
a centrepiece of it?

or just not.

 there is another block called father's choice,
from the book 500 quilt blocks
by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green.
it is 10 inches square 
with bigger pieces of material:

and this is the yellow bandana, 
and with masses more material 
from it left over,
what may i make next?

i think you can just sew bandanas together
and put the layers together, too and make a perfectly
ordinary quilt. 
i really long to get back to my lace
and log cabins,
but i put these things down that i
thought i really ought to make,
well, half square triangles are basic,
so there!

and it's good to laugh!!


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