31 October 2013

star shine

so like little drops of water
make the mighty ocean, so little pieces
of material go to make...your make

the pieced star 
 makes an 6 inch square block
and i will need 4? or
sew it on to material and make
a centrepiece of it?

or just not.

 there is another block called father's choice,
from the book 500 quilt blocks
by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green.
it is 10 inches square 
with bigger pieces of material:

and this is the yellow bandana, 
and with masses more material 
from it left over,
what may i make next?

i think you can just sew bandanas together
and put the layers together, too and make a perfectly
ordinary quilt. 
i really long to get back to my lace
and log cabins,
but i put these things down that i
thought i really ought to make,
well, half square triangles are basic,
so there!

and it's good to laugh!!


home loving

so good, just a few days making this baby quilt, tonight i pinned the layers together, tomorrow it's done. 

i found colourful cotton bandanas at amazon, and plan on making
 a pieced star block into a cloth, 

it will look alright on the table. pink and yellow.
 if the block is made large it could cover the table and small, a half size,
 for an occasional table...and now
i think a day away from this post, a piece of material hemmed,
with a pretty Christmas heart theme will work as well.
my star quilt could be a throw, too! and here are the ladybirds at home again,

29 October 2013

wearing Love on my sleeve

and so we were to have had tremendous storms all week long. and early monday morning could hear the wind, heavy rain on the window, things thrown about in the street below, and my craft box slid down to the floor after something bumped the house wall.
but we were perfectly alright, and this morning, tuesday it is still outside, with gentle sunshine gracing the trees with its light. 

wearing Love on this sleeve 
where Jesus is Lord


24 October 2013



It's all coming together - healthy stress is good, right? i haven't felt this way since just before i retired. 
here, i have been invited to join in with the MAKING CHRISTMAS blog hop, and am now happily chugging through the list i made. 
sunlight came pouring in through the window yesterday, flashed through a little dragonfly windchime and left its signature on the wall.

God is so good!

may this day be a good day for you!


17 October 2013

a dressing down on the beach

wherever we dream of shouldn't it come true?



yesterday the rain poured down, didn't go out but today we are.
time off with a cuppa. and a kindle book, tho i would love to take my sewing out in my bag i could; if i don't relax and read 
some of the time
how will i unwind?

sofas are for sitting...and windows are for looking...
travelling is for travelling,
missions is for missionaries? 
coffee is for coffee cups, 
tea is for tea cups,
Cute n Cool Freebies*

plates are for sharing the silver and the gold,

it's nice to have a place to come and write.
do you have one?

6 October 2013

New Widget.

Come and get my new widget [scroll down] and enjoy a new addition to the family. A black cat.

The more, the merrier. 


This New Perfume.

A brand new quilter, yes I stepped off the page of lacemaking in to gigantic waves of quilted material with foaming sparkling white horses gallopping past me on their race across the ocean. Big herring gulls with appliqued eyes and strong wings soar over my head, the wind quilted by hand once soft and gentle on my face now rough and ready. 

I look up gratefully to see a little log cabin, the first of many, its red centre and new pink logs beginning to take on shape. I'm learning the colours of refracted light, infrared and ultra violet have taken first place in my memory, now to remember the others. 

almond blossom will stay and share centre place with this new perfume.


1 October 2013


Just found this wonderful site for my blog. It's
Free Backgrounds by itkupilli./ *Cute and Cool* Freebies for blogger and websites.

Click on a picture, save the image to your computer, and upload it into the templates section. All the directions are on the blog.

This website may be found in my blog list.