4 September 2013

the wool is a retirement present to keep me cozy in the winter.

thinking sand dollars for butterflies...i found sand dollars on Pinterest, they are lilac, blue, cream and other colours. and they are not difficult to crochet.
i think 64 squares again in dark blues and light, dark greens and light, yellow and a Paintbox ball of red/green/yellow/blue, something i love is when the wool makes patches of colour as it knits and crochets. then perhaps sand dollars to prosper someone small. 

my picture from the Paint program in windows7
showing a lavender sand dollar

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

we had a good year for tree growth and the trees grew taller behind our house. so tall they shut out much of the sun from the garden. now at last someone is out there cutting them down! yay! 

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