16 July 2013

happy homemade

This is what I am making, while making lace. (almond blossom blog)
It is tunisian crochet, 42 sts by 42 rows to begin, and those joined by a slip stitch at the start of each row. It curls a little a the moment, but I understand this will disappear as time goes on, and I may put a fringe on it, I'll see...

I love big flowers too...

A ladybird on a leaf,  
ladybird, ladybird...and she moved her family to stay here with me.
and I'm going to sew coloured piping along the seams.
And finally, I red-inked the wing case.
For the piping: with 2 dps and some dk wool cast on 3 sts and knit them onto the right hand needle. Do not turn, but slip the sts up same needle and knit again, pulling the thread fairly tightly from behind. Do not turn, etc. Continue knitting until happy with the length.



To make the blue and white flower (English directions)
With white dk wool make 7 chain, slip st into beginning chain.
17 dc into circle. 
attach blue dk wool here;
4 white chain, 
(keeping 4th chain on hook) make 3 blue trebles in each of 3 dc's, ending with one chain on crochet hook,
pick up white and make four chain, slip st into 1 dc.
make 6 petals, slip st into final dc, tie off at the back of the flower.


To make a granny square
choose 4 colours.
With A make 4 chain, join in a ring with slip stitch.
1st round: in A, 2 chain, 2 half trebles, 1 chain, (3 half trebles, 1 chain) 3 times all into ring, join with slip stitch to top of chain.
2nd round: in B, 3 chain, 2 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles in last chain space of previous round.
(3 trebles, 1 chain,  3 trebles in next chain space) 3 times, join with slip st to top of chain.
[4 corners made].
3rd round: in C, 3 chain, 2 trebles, in space between first and last sts,  (3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles in chain space of corner, and then between corners) 3 times, 3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles into final corner, join with slip stitch to top of chain.
4th round: in D, 3 chain, 2 trebles in space between first and last groups, 3 trebles in each space between groups, 3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles in chain space of each corner group, join with a slip stitch to top of chain.
These are for the back.

Ladybird's children are arriving... 
couldn't find a baby ladybird pattern so I made it up. eight so far and counting...
ladybirds on the side.

butterfly crochet:http://mariesmaking.blogspot.com

is it called ripping? i cut off all the flowers, butterflies, ladybirds and in an evening sewed them back on.

have a good day, xx


  1. Thank you, Daphne, it's nice to hear what you think. When I finish this centre, I'm starting on another part! and I hope it will bring a smile.