9 July 2013

a rainbow in the sun

Take bread to the pigeons and gulls on the prom and you can be swamped in moments; big herring gulls and littler ones swoop from above, pigeons appear from nowhere and get under your feet, running to and fro for the pieces...
I wonder why we wont feed the gulls fish...why bread? do they go shopping like we do/is this what the dawn chorus is, calling for bread; i think it goes more like...darling, IT'S DAY, and FISH are in abundance! watch what i bring home!!
We're having a heatwave for two weeks...
about ten years ago one area of sand was home to an army of sand mason worms,  
Lanice conchilegs commonly known as the sand mason worm, is a species of burrowing marine polychaete worm, it builds a tube which projects from the seabed, of cemented sand grains and shell fragments, [free information from the internet].
after a few years they migrate, and these did. they probably went where no feet could fall on them. sand-between-your-toes again...

for a jigsaw puzzle...online, and you wont need to cut out with scissors ever again! 
...this is where the Paint program on the computer comes in...then you visit your puzzle and share it with others...and the fun of producing is always in the day.

have a good day, xx


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